Sunday, August 1, 2010

Australia's classification board clears Russh magazine for printing topless photos of 16 year old Zippora Seven

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Australia's Classification Board has cleared Russh magazine for printing this topless photos of 16 year old model Zippora Seven.

Technically, the magazine was not cleared but the Classification Board ruled that Russh magazine was not subject to their ruling since Russh magazine is not considered a submittable publication. According to their web site, a submittable publication is one that is likely to be restricted to adults because it:
  • contains depictions or descriptions likely to cause offense to a reasonable adult, or
  • is unsuitable for a minor to see or read, or
  • is likely to be refused classification.
Russh magazine is targeted to women readers between 18-39. After deliberating, Classification Board director Donald McDonald said: "The board has now considered the matter andis of the view that this publication is not a submittable publication and therefore does not need to be classified.''